Plug Design provides affordable website design services to entrepreneurs, new business owners and small companies with a limited design budget. We custom design every website to accurately reflect a client’s business philosophy and goals. Our rates are much lower than what you will find for similar design work at larger website design firms. In your search for a website designer, you most likely have these primary concerns:

We take the time to get to know the client and his/her needs. This enables us to accurately reflect a client’s personality and needs in the website. Throughout the design process, we keep the client involved and abreast of their website’s development. A client can request up to three design revisions if need be during this process. We strive to do everything possible to ensure that the final website design is exactly what the client envisioned.

Once the website is finished and delivered to the client, we also perform maintenance on the sites as needed by the clients. If you need to update your website’s content or make any changes, we are only an email or phone call away. There may be an hourly charge depending on the extent and complexity of the updates etc.

Our rates are very affordable for custom designed websites. We strive to establish long term relationships with our clients for all their website needs. This philosophy encourages us to look beyond just the financial aspects of the website design process. We work with our clients’ budget no matter how limited that might be.