So you’re starting a business and need a website. What are some of the technical aspects you’ll need to know about?

Nb – This page is a work in progress; I will be adding more content regularly.

Brand Names

When choosing a brand name for your business, make sure you follow these simple rules.

  • Don’t choose a name that is too close to an existing brand.
  • Choose something that is easy to say to people over the phone. (Eg, “Bill’s Bikes” instead of “Billz Bykez” – you don’t want to always have to spell it out!)
  • Try and find a unique name that people will remember – ‘Kura Gallery’ is more memorable than ‘Taupo Art Gallery’, and it will produce better results in Google too.
  • If possible, incorporate the industry into your name – “Bill’s Bikes” would work better than “Bill’s Pedal Contraptions”.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will take all the necessary steps to make your site as visible to Google as possible, based on a supplied list of targeted terms. We can’t guarantee any specific high rankings for common terms, though; because of the complex algorithms used by search engines it is impossible to ‘trick’ them to give a new website higher rankings than older, more connected sites.

In short, search engines cannot replace traditional marketing techniques for your business.